Imagine if a death metal band got drunk, went to the wrong party and ended up making a
baby with a DJ that has a secret craving for some power metal.
Now that the image is stuck in your head, let us introduce ourselves.

Asylum 8 is a 6-piece band from Kuopio, Finland. Our music is a combination of ruthless
modern death metal and EDM tunes. During our existence we have released a 3-song EP and 2 singles. Our latest release is
called THANATOPHOBIA and it was released on March 1st 2016 along with a music

Our entourage has also performed around Finland with several different bands, including
Machinae Supremacy (SE), Deals Death (SE) and Stam1na (FIN).
In summer of 2017 we started recording our first full length album which is to be released
later the same year.

After years of work and multiple changes in the lineup, the beast is ready to be unleashed
with a blast of discobeats mixed with crushing blast beats and intense guitar work.


Tatu Heikkinen - Bass

Sami Partanen - Synths

Anssi Kinnunen - Guitar

Henry Hämäläinen - Vocals

Sami Hynynen - Guitar

Pasi Moilanen - Drums